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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 9, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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us. good night from washington, d.c.. we'll see you monday, 10:00 p.m. go to greta >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> get out and vote. thank you so much. >> bill: mitt romney once again trying to suede conservative voters to support him. this time in alabama and mississippi. but charles krauthammer has some bad news for the governor. >> female students struggle with a lack of contraceptive coverage that causes financial, emotional and medical burdens. >> bill: tonight, the factor continues its investigation into sandra fluke and how she is becoming a major player in the presidential election. we have some information that might surprise you. >> i, bill maher here, sarah palin agreed to do commentary at fox news, which is actually very similar to her day job talking to a baby with down syndrome. >> bill: outrage growing over the democratic machine accepting a million dollars from bill maher. we'll have a special report on that. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. charles krauthammer has bad news for mitt romney in a moment. we wrap up reporting on sandra fluke. for six days we have been telling you that the 30-year-old georgetown law student has become a major boyfriend who is the son of democratic stall wart william mutterperl he has made 56 donations to democratic
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candidates. nothing wrong with that ms. fluke herself seems to be sincere woman. she worked here in new york city working with at risk families and devoted to liberal causes. nothing wrong with that sincere constructive activism is good. as i told "the view" ladies yesterday the whole obama mandating contraception business is a huge canard. ms. fluke can afford to go on vacation, can fly coast to coast to appear on "the view," although abc might have picked up that tab. she can dress very well. she gets all over the place. but she doesn't have 9 bucks a month for pills? come on. this story is really about the nanny state and the imposition of a huge federal apparatus on all americans. when the catholic bishops challenged the nanny state on moral grounds, the white house got nervous. and the women's health play began to ramp up. that's when sandra fluke suddenly appeared. popping up at congressional hearings, showing up in the media polls show president obama's poll numbers among women now on the rise and he
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has ms. fluke to thank that if you don't pay close attention to this story it looks like president obama is simply helping out a young woman under siege but, again, that's not what's going on here. the election in november will be between the democratic party, which wants a nanny state and the republic party which does not. you the voter have a very important decision to make. last month, february, the u.s.a. ran up the biggest deficit ever. $229 billion was added to the national debt in 2 days. for that, we can thank the poor economy and the evergrowing nanny state. we can also thank folks like sandra fluke who desperately want it. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, the republic primary on tuesday. two votes will take place one in alabama and the other in mississippi. new rasmussen poll taken in alabama has a dead heat among romney santorum and gingrich. look at those numbers. look how close they are. in mississippi, rasmussen has
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romney at 35%. santorum 27, gingrich 27. ron paul 6. joining us from washington fox news analyst charles krauthammer. that surprised me that poll in mississippi. romney ahead and running pretty strong. >> well, it is surprising because the way that we have been hearing about it up until now it sounded like it's gingrich country home territory and perhaps santorum as the guy who represents the social conservatives guy who might give him a run for his money there romney himself rather awkwardly said it's an away game for him to. find him ahead of the pack right now in the polls in mississippi i think is quite telling i think it's ominous for gingrich because his claim is he is strong in the south and somehow he will march out of the south and take the rest of the country. although he hasn't won everywhere outside of the south. if he can't win home court
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with mississippi and alabama. i'm not sure he goes on to louisiana and other places. >> bill: he can't hold court because of rick santorum is going to take some of gingrich's ideological support away from him. so mitt romney, i think, has the advantage because you have got two strong conservatives and one moderate conservative and he will pick up the moderate vote and the other two will divide. you have got to say that romney has got a pretty good shot. >> that's exactly how he has managed to get in so many of the states where he wins he doesn't win with 50% of the vote. he wins with a little over a third because everybody else is splitting it. and as long as santorum and gingrich are out there hitting each other, he has got a path. if gingrich loses badly, on tuesday, that's going to hurt romney in the sense that it will then be one on one. >> bill: gingrich will probably have to go out because of the money situation. you are not a big fan of mitt romney.
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i just suspect that you don't see him as a kind of guy you would want to see in the white house. awrong? are wrong, i like romney i think is he a very good man and he would make a very good president. when i'm asked to say is he a strong candidate and analyze his chances of winning i say what i think even though i would like to see him in the white house and i would have no hesitation in supporting him in the general election. >> bill: why would you rather see mitt romney in the white house than say rick santorum? because you are a conservative man. your thought process is smaller government. more efficiency, self-reliance, this is what dr. krauthammer stands for. it says that rick santorum would be more simpatico to you. >> well, i got two answers for you. number one, he is much more of a social conservative than i am. so i'm not inclined in that direction. but, the more important thing is this.
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it's the buckley rule. after the sainted william f. he always said that in any election he votes for the most conservative candidate who can win. now everybody makes his own assessment. i'm not an oracle. i can't divine how the future unfolds. but in my analysis santorum has no chance of winning the white house in general election. no chance. >> reason for that is why? >> gender gap is to start with secondly it's an election about the economy. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. not too fast. >> what energizes him are social issues. >> bill: not too fast. >> wrong year for social issues. >> >> bill: i have to keep up. >> you are a simple man i know and you went to harvard so i have to work -- >> bill: it is an innocent mistake you know that you say women won't vote for santorum i only have 45 seconds. why not? >> look at the gender gap he has now within the republic race. the reason he lost in michigan was exclusively the gap among
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women. and it has to do with some of the statements he made. he wants to make an issue of contraception. the issue was a closed issue in 19656789 it's not an open issue. it's not what anybody wants to debate. and i respect him for the views he has. i have utter respect for what he believes. it's not a policy issue any interest to the nation and it's a losing issue if he wants to make it a policy issue. >> bill: charles as always we appreciate it thanks very much. glenn beck wants you to listen to him about politics. your choice. beck is next. as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. ♪ [ kareem ] i was fascinated by balsa wood airplanes since i was a kid. [ mike ] i always wondered how did an airplane get in the air. at ge aviation, we build jet engines.
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that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. >> bill: personal story segment tonight, our pal glenn beck closely following the political arena on his daily radio program and his daily internet broadcast gbtv. from time to time we check in with beck and i talked to him last night from dallas. on your internet program and extravaganza every day i'm sure have you been talking about the republic race which never seems to end. what say you? >> i think it's time i'm a
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supporter of rick santorum. we are at the end here or very near the end. if you do the math, it darn near mathematically impossible here for, i mean, unless we go all the way down to the wire, for anybody but romney to take it, and i just think we have got to come together and start to put together a strategy not only for the white house but also for the senate and the house. >> bill: you know, i have known you for a while now, and you never have really been an overtly political party guy. i'm hearing a different tune now from you. so you want gingrich and santorum. >> no, i don't want the republicans. i couldn't care less about the republicans. i do care that barack obama is not the president of the united states. >> bill: it could be the wig parity. it could be the mug wonks? >> it could be, this bill, it could be right here. it could be the be a abacas
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party. >> abo. anybody but obama for you? >> yes. >> so you have got newt gingrich and ron paul and rick santorum. ron paul has nothing else to do so why would he drop out. >> ron paul could make a case that what he is saying is vastly different than everyone else. >> bill: he said it 55 times. how many more times do we have to hear it? okay. >> it doesn't hurt to say the truth. >> bill: he wants to legalize everything. he wants to have gold or whatever he wants. how many more times do we have to hear that, beck? we got it. >> i think when it comes to the fed and the financial system, i think you can't say it enough. >> bill: you can't say it enough, okay. you have seen the ratings for the debates lately? i think you can say it enough. you are going down. >> is there anything else we are going to learn here from these guys? >> bill: that's my next question. we have learned everything. we know where they're. and you say to rick santorum and newt gingrich and ron paul, listen, guys, you know, for the good of the nation, you ought to be a patriot.
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and you ought to step aside and let governor romney -- >> -- or just all of you start aiming. >> bill: target barack obama and now don't criticize each other. >> we are talking we have real significant issues in this country what are we doing? we are turning our guns on each other. with friends like that. >> bill: what in your opinion in the beck land is the most important issue? number one with a bullet, okay? why the rhetoric. >> bill: you said guns, i said bullet. >> man. >> bill: in marshall territory now. >> i'm hoping that somebody out there at media matters is listening to the violence here. >> bill: you and i will be something after this segment. we know that. >> what's the number one issue? this is kind of changing, i have to explain it but
11:15 pm
character i know you don't but i believe we have to know that the person that is going to come into office will say the same things to our faces a he says when he turns around. >> bill: as far as policy my number one issue is the debt. if the accident doesn't get under control and stop it soon your prediction of economic doom will come true that's the number one issue, your issue is. >> mine again is character which solves the debt. if you don't have the character and the fortitude to teach the people demand from the people that they always will character. if you are not willing to clean up the corruption stop the lies. you are never going to stop the debt. you will come up with some little scheme that will look like you are doing it. >> you have to have somebody who grasps the issue and how
11:16 pm
to get, how to solve the problem. that's, i mean, not character so much. you could have a good real strong honest person who doesn't have a clue about having -- >> i don't think we have any of those. i don't think any of those, a problem with any of the people that are running. you know, i think romney is a good businessman and if he would run the country and be straight up with the american people and say, look, it's going to hurt and it's going to hurt all of us, but we are doomed if we don't take care of it. >> bill: i agree it has to be laid out explicitly for the american people. there he is big d dallas, texas. >> bill: should the u.s.a. use its air power against syria? john mccain wants that. yes or no? should we bomb syria? yes or no. directly ahead, bill maher under fire for giving democratic machine $1 million. janine turner and leslie
11:17 pm
manner on that. later, lou dobbs on how union members are financially protected even if they commit heinous crimes. those reports after these messages. ♪ [ sighs ] [ bird chirps ] [ bird squawks ] ♪ [ bird screeching ] ♪ [ elevator bell dings ] [ sighs ] how mad is she? she kicked me out. but took the best stuff. i'll get the wrench. ♪ [ male announcer ] kohler's tresham collection. life. with a twist. ♪
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billing bill some republicans are saying bill maher should be held accountable. she pac hammers home that point. >> hi, bill maher here. sarah palin agreed to do commentary at fox news which is actually very similar to her day job, talking to a baby with down syndrome. >> speaking of dumb [bleep], it's not because they have breasts, it's because they are boobs. >> last week i said good by to a million dollars. >> i made a contribution to
11:21 pm
obama's super pac. >> this ends up being a teachable moment. >> i wouldn't past anything past this stupid country. >> bill: joining us from fort worth, texas janine turner. read her commentary on janine and from los angeles fox news contributor leslie marshall. so, leslie, she pac is a conservative women's group. they say that mar should give the money back, number one, is the ad fair and, number two, should the cash go back? >> i think that the ad is fair if it would go further, bill, so i guess i would have to say no because it doesn't cover everything. i understand it's a conservative organization. >> bill: i couldn't use two and a half minutes. if the ad is two and a half minutes. she and watch it. from what you heard the 30 seconds and that was the pithiest part, do you see anything unfair there? basically using the man's words and saying, look, if mr. obama is calling for civility you just can't take money from a guy like that and
11:22 pm
you say? >> well, i say basically, bill, it's a double standard. i'm a woman first before a democrat. i know you are going to love that right? and here is the thing. when we have anybody left or right calling a woman on the left or the right anything that is degrading that is sexism. that is offensive to me. whether it is said about sarah palin, michele bachmann or a sandra fluke. the bottom line here is that anybody who is giving money to a politician, again, on the left or right, that politician can't be held responsible for the opinions or bad behavior of every person that gives donations on the left or right. i don't think the president should give the money back. >> bill: that's a great rationalization by the way. every personalization isn't as high profile as mr. mar who made a big deal out of giving a million dollars to, quote, unquote, the obama pac in his own words. so this isn't every person. this is a very high profile situation. and janine, i mean, if you were president obama, i would assume you would give the
11:23 pm
money back. i mean being conservative and all of that. but, maybe you wouldn't. >> well, i agree with leslie that i believe all women should be treated fairly. and the president said in his press conference that he wants to lead by example on this issue. and so if he wants to prove that he is a president for all women in america and not just liberal women in america, i think it would be very classy if he recommended that the money be returned. >> all right. so it's as simple as that leslie. you know, if he he is going to lead by example the president and the money comes in from a guy who has a history of, you know, dubious, that's always a good word, dubious comments. i wouldn't even break it down to women. i think if you are a gutter snipe and i'm not calling mr. martha but i think if you have a history of attacks, personal attacks, al franken does. here is the guy. give money to somebody who is saying i don't like personal attacks, you can't accept the money, you can't, leslie?
11:24 pm
bill, if we break it down whether we look at rush if is he giving contributions to right. bill maher who has given a billion dollars to the president and we could go on from there. couldn't we find something negative that somebody has said or done both left or right who is contributing to these politicians campaigns. >> bill: why would we bother to look. why would you have gone on a witch-hunt whether you have an in-your-face situation. when you hear a comedian. you are a show business person you have heard a lot of stuff in your career. when you hear a show business person say demeaning things, shock jock stuff, that's what is he doing, all right? can you just say well, look, that's part of his schtick? that's how he makes a living howard stern does it, don imus does it we can't hold it literally against him? because that's the argument that's being made by some in the democratic camp. can't really hold it literally against him because that's what he does for a living. and you say, janine? >> well, i say there needs to
11:25 pm
be a fair standard. if one person, you know, there is always an outcry when something is said against a liberal woman. but when something is said against a conservative woman, it's like ah, you know, just let it fly. >> bill: that's not true though. schultz got suspended at nbc for a week when he he attacked laura ingraham and mar has taken a lot of heat for what he has said. he doesn't operate in a sponsor driven world if i did i'm sure sponsors would have bailed on him. go ahead, janine. >> to answer a question, do i think that there is -- like "saturday night live," i think that that's funny, can i take that but calling women the c word and all these terrible words. >> bill: that's beyond the pale. >> it is beyond the pale. it's really very atrocious. >> bill: let's be kind. you and i are going to be kind to leslie tonight and give her one more chance to save the day for you. you have a president who goes to the nation and says i don't want this, you have got to stop this. all right? he says that. then you have a man who gives
11:26 pm
him a million dollars who says exactly what the president is saying not to do. shouldn't the president very politely say, you know what? i can't take the money. leslie? >> i hear you, bill. >> bill: you are hearing me, good. i'm glad you are hearing me. >> i hear you but i don't think the president should have to do that if he chooses to do that, fine. but. >> bill: should he do it? >> no, he he shouldn't do it. he should not do it because is he not responsible for every word though a donor says. if he does do it, i would like to seat republicans give back money to those on the right who have said some bad things. >> bill: i want the record to reflect that janine and i tried to save you from yourself but we just couldn't do it. >> okay. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. radical tape of president obama supporting a radical harvard professor now on the net. is it important? investigating for price gouging, we hope you stay tuned to those reports. follow the wings.
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>> bill: videotape floating around the net showing barack obama in 1990 speaking out in support of a radical harvard professor named derek bell. >> and one of the persons who spoke at that orientation was professor bell. and i remember him sauntering up to the front and not giving us a lecture. but engaging us in a conversation. speaking the truth, telling us that he [inaudible] to learn at this place that i have carried with me ever since, open up your heart and your minds to the words of professor derek bell. [cheers and applause] professor bell who died last fall. now analyze fox news host geraldo rivera. big deal? no big deal? what? >> i don't think it's a very significant deal. you went to harvard is it that big a deal when a black
11:31 pm
president of the law review hug as black law professor who is protesting the lack of diversity? i don't think it's a big deal. >> bill: no, but now that the harvard law guy is president, the associations always come into play this guy bell is a pretty radical guy. >> is he no jeremiah wright. i must say. he is radical guy. >> bill: what would be the difference between him and -- >> jeremiah wright said don't don't god bless america, god damn america. derek bell never said anything like that. he had some far out theories. he had this critical race theory in which he surmised that every advance of blacks in the movement of civil rights was because it benefited whites so how. >> bill: let's show the audience what professor bell said in his own words, go.
11:32 pm
-- this is a country built on property ownership. most people don't have that much property as we -- you know, land and bonds and money in the bank. what they have is a sense of entitlement based on being white. >> i have see louis farrakhan as a great hero with the people. i don't agree with everything he says and some of his tactics, hell, i don't agree with everything anybody says. >> that's interesting but irrelevant. >> maybe. >> bill: would it be fair for you to say that professor bell is antiwhite? >> antiwhite? i can't look into the man's heart. wait, bill. >> bill: my investigation says he doesn't like white people very much? >> but he wrote this, you know, this movie called cosmic slop which is based on his racial theories. it was at three part ventricle
11:33 pm
ventricle yen yet. the guy from benson and soap. this is not jeremiah wright. you are trying to make this. >> bill: i'm not trying to do anything, geraldo. i'm showing what you guy is. >> so much to concentrate on barack obama's record domestically to go off on the hug of a black professor in the context of law school -- >> bill: more to it than that i'm saying based on my research that professor bell, rip rest in peace is an anti--white guy because it all came back to the white man. >> he was definitely antiracism guy. >> bill: i don't think he was talking about black racism. it was always white racism oppressing black people in every way, shape, and form. >> this was also distinguished person for all of his wild theories he was the first nonwhite president -- he was the first black president of a nonblack law school. in other words, he was the dean of oregon law school. the first black man ever to be the dean of a nonblack law
11:34 pm
school. that's a big deal. >> bill: be that as it may, so then you have young barack obama, idealistic at harvard, i'm sure. is he supporting professor bell in this area. it would be unfair to say and i hope you hear me here, i t. would be unfair to say that barack obama supported any of professor bell's anti--white rhetoric. >> thank you for making that statement. >> bill: what barack obama did at this point in his life was support bell's crusade to get more minority women professor tenured. the pattern of behavior for the president of the united states hear adds on to reverend wright i have spoken with professor allen different wits who was at harvard in 1990 and tells me that the law review president barack obama won that position by campaigning to the right of a
11:35 pm
radical law student who was he is spowzing espousing some of the ideas that you are referring attached to president obama. he was the moderate in the race. that's how he became law school president. >> bill: moderate other guys fidel castro. he can't do that. >> i don't know how you hung around with at harvard. >> bill: nobody. nobody would hang with me. >> or at your other colleges. >> bill: nobody would hang around with me. >> you should have seen me back in the day. >> bill: you weren't at harvard. they wouldn't admit you. >> university of arizona. i think that to try to make derrick bell's shoes fit barack obama is extremely unfair. and to junk him, in derrick bell in with jeremiah wright i think also is unfair. furthermore, quickly, i think this is a sign of desperation that the seize on an old video clip like this. >> bill: it's not getting much traction. >> and rightfully so.
11:36 pm
>> bill: geraldo rivera, everybody. harvard should have admitted you know. it would have been a lot more fun for me if you would have been there i wouldn't have been nearly as bored: lou dobbs on whether the oil company should be investigated for price gouging. later, update on michigan woman who won a million bucks at michigan lottery still cashed her food stamps. coming right back. [ engine revs ]
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the lowe's the boss tonight. 70 democratic senators and congress people have wrote a letter to the commodities future commission asking it to take action against the speculators and launch investigation into rising prices. today ceo of exxon defended big oil. if crude price goes up obviously gasoline prices go up. supply and demand. what has led to most recent run-up, concerns about the
11:40 pm
rhetoric over the closing of the straits of hormuz and the conflicts with iran. >> bill: okay. here now fox business anchor lou dobbs. now, look, i don't want to be disrespectful to tillerson, all right? but he says supply and demand drives it and then the next sentence, it's like barney frank talking about fannie mae, well it's the strait of hormuz might close that's why it's up. that's not supply and demand, mr. tillerson, has nothing to do with supply and demand. >> as we have established here for the last three weeks supply is higher, demand is lower. >> bill: in the united states. >> in the united states. and by the way worldwide production is rising twice as fast as demand worldwide. >> okay, so what lou dobbs much supreme courter than bill o'reilly, all right, is saying is that tillerson isn't telling you the truth. that there is plenty of supply and demand is dropping. yet, the price is still going up i say there should be investigation. >> investigation, first should be the stupid and i'm going to be straightforward about this,
11:41 pm
the stupidity of the american people to keep putting up with this sort of hack knee nonsense. >> bill: what blow up the gas stations? >> no. start demanding accountability from our elected officials. we should start making certain that our national media isn't just playing a simple game here. >> look, let me challenge this for a minute. many economists apologist supply and demand. >> bill: you say it's not. i say it's not and we are using facts. >> absolutely. >> bill: we are using facts. the united states right now, the lowest demand in 15 years. the lowest. >> absolutely. i didn't know demand worldwide was down demand is up but worldwide production high as demand is increasing. >> bill: production is ring twice as high all over the world than demand vow a gap. you have a gap and with the warm winter, you have a supply glut here in the united
11:42 pm
states. >> and heating oil and gasoline. >> okay. >> bill: you name it. when you say the folks should do something. i don't know what the folks can do. >> we need to start looking at the facts as you put it we can call for investigations. i mean, for crying out loud. 70, 68 legislators sending out a note to the trading commission don't they know that the they voted on limits last october for crying out loud? and they are sending out this. >> bill: limits for what? >> limits on the position that you can hold in future. >> bill: they are on the side of the commodities -- the commodities on the side of these people the 70 senators. >> they have already acted. >> bill: they already did. >> yes. can you still buy oil future for very very little money and you don't have to make deliver riff the oil. >> margin requirement is one issue. you are absolutely correct there has been no change. >> just make that higher. make the margin requirement higher. >> you can do that that's precisely what they did a year
11:43 pm
ago. that would be wise to do. that's a matter for the imex. can you right now hold 30% of the market under the rules established by the commodity future trading commission. that's insane. and by the way, you have got more speculators in the market now than well. >> bill: the oil companies like that speculators can drive up and they say we can't do anything about it but they could. >> have to refine oil. >> in a state trooper sends a picture of himself to a 13-year-old girl. most police officers are in the union. so the guy gets in trouble but he doesn't lose any of his pension benefits. tell me what happened here. this man serving in the pennsylvania state patrol sent
11:44 pm
nude pictures to himself who he thought was a 13-year-old girl was convicted on two counts, both felonies. received five years, basically probation. six months house arrest for two serious felonies and the -- and they would not, would not literally take a single dime away from him from his pension. >> and was it 100,000 a year or something? it's a big buck pension i think. >> big punk pension. state patrol runs right around average pay is 52,000 average. pension amounts to about $36,000 a year. >> bill: not as big as i thought it was. >> but substantial. >> but the union protects that. >> absolutely. >> bill: the union is going to come in and say you have to give this guy the money. >> one of the problems we have got with the public employees unions. >> bill: absolutely. >> something a lot of people are not focusing on. that is about that we where $2.5 trillion under funded for all of those state and local
11:45 pm
employee pensions. they are in trouble anyway. >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. there he is next up, dumbest things of the week. a woman wins a million bucks in michigan. still cashes her food stamps. and then wild mail segment on sandra fluke. moments away. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your ruy nose. [ deep breath ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany?
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week. saint patricks day coming up a week from saturday and urban outfitters is taking advantage. >> there is the shirt that says wasted sober leprechauns or says i irish i were drunk. then we have a person doing irish yoga which is actually them throwing up. what do you think about this? >> i mean i think people have freedom of speech. i think they can wear whatever they want to.
11:49 pm
i mean i honestly wouldn't wear something like that. >> bill: here now to analyze arthel neville greg gutfeld is off tonight. >> look, urban outfitters i have to admit i have bought some of their clever t-shirts this one goes too far. you have got about 35 million irish americans in this country, right? and they're saying this is offensive. so take it off the shelves. >> bill: why would any company do this? surely they know. >> offensive. >> bill: it's more than offensive though. it's type casting 35 million people as alcoholics. i mean, come on o, what if any other race in the country were treated this way? >> oh, it's wrong. you are not going to get an argument from me. who wants to be stereo typed. >> bill: what if you urban outfitters to celebrate rom dam put i'm a proud muslim with a hand grenade on the shirt. >> wrong. >> bill: they would be killed. they would never do it. >> i see your point and i think that they are wrong.
11:50 pm
i agree with you. let me ask you, mr. irish of all irish men. are you offended by this? >> bill: i'm not offended by anything. >> you are. you don't have such teflon personality. >> bill: god's honest truth. stuff like that doesn't offend me personally. but, for a company to do t, that's just dumb and that's why they lead dumbest segment of the week. dumb. >> i agree with you. by the way, the ceo is asked by a congressional committee to pull these t-shirts off the shelves. no response. >> all right. well, so, we're not calling for a boycott. we want every irish person to know what urban outfitters. this segment is bopping along. a few weeks ago we reported a michigan woman won a million dollarsed in the lottery but still cashed in her food stamps this off a michigan report. here we go. >> life? september was good. amanda clayton won a million dollars in the state lottery. the single mother of two took
11:51 pm
a lump sum and took home about $500,000. the problem is she kept on using her bridge card, letting taxpayers cover $200 a month in food stamps for her family. until the department of human services found out this week and cut her off. >> she didn't did win a million dollars you know what i'm saying? but i think, you know, it's whatever she does is her business, that's how i look at it. >> bill: it's not her business, lady, we're paying for it i'm not going to spend a lot of time on this but the factor was the reason this woman got her food stamps pulled. the state of michigan you are broke and you are not even monitoring the stuff. >> this woman had 10 days to report. >> bill: she could be prosecuted. >> absolutely. >> bill: finally "consumer reports" magazine buys $100,000 electric car and tests it, go. >> this is "consumer reports," it cost over $100,000. that's right. we bought this car from a dealer. this is not a press car.
11:52 pm
it's an electric car that also has a gasoline engine, much like a chevy volt. and it looks awesome. it is low, it is sleek, it is sensuous, it's also broken. right here in the middle of our driveway. the car doesn't go in gear. it doesn't move. the dealer has to come with a flatbed and take it away. and hopefully they can fix it. >> bill: that was a brand new car. they couldn't start it and, of course, the flatbed you had to use gas to go get it and tow it away. we are not trying to mock anybody or put anybody out of business and i have to go arthel, i'm sorry. this just shows you how crazy this whole green industry is. they do not have control over it. >> yeah, but you know what? i don't think you should stop it though, you have to be innovative. you have to be a leader. >> bill: be an innovator with private money. not public money. arthel neville, everybody, in a moment, a wild mail segment starring me and sandra fluke. that just over two minutes away.
11:53 pm
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advair won't replace fast-acting inhalersor sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at >> bill: pinheads in a moment and update on our wounded mailer auction. check out the news and weekly q and.
11:56 pm
a just posted, as well. lots of good stuff for pm's. on ... >> bill: we don't do speculate. my reporting is documented. let me ask you this, is contraception a medical condition? does it treat an illness. is not good food central to the health of all people. of course it is. should the government provide knew triq meals to all 320 million americans? think about what you are saying.
11:57 pm
>> bill: bogus, brian. the worldwide oil market provides gross profits that exceeds anything seen on this planet. margins mean nothing, the dollar payoff is huge.
11:58 pm
>> bill: i appreciate it. we haved is a had had saturday matinee in chicago, on june 23 and bolder fresher show it's indianapolis on the 22nd and see everybody in tampa, florida this sunday night and talk about the presidential election. finally tonight. pinheads and patriots. as you may know we are auctioning off a unique piece of history. this wounded warrior poster is the only document we know of that contains you'll five last presidents. top bid is $81,000. but if you would like to help
11:59 pm
the warriors, send them to $25 and they will send you a fact silly suitable for framing. also, one week from tonight i will be at boston university doing a benefit for the foundation which helps victims of violent crime all over the u.s.a. and they need help. we would like you to come to that event. it will be lot of fun, go on and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox factor website and spouted off about the factory from anywhere around the world. if you wish to opine. do not be monrose doctor morose when writing to the factor. please always remember the spin stops right here because we a


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